About Me

Hi! I’m Kate.

My approach to fitness is slightly different! I’m not a sport’s model or a clean eating fanatic, I’m a working Mum of 2 ‘lively’ boys and I’m looking to help like-minded women who want to work, want to be present for their kids and also want to find some time to prioritise their health. Whether that’s so that we can look and feel how we want to look, or perhaps it’s so that we can gain more confidence, feel good in our clothes, find some more energy….for me it’s also about having time away from being Mummy, cleaning the house, working…to find a piece of ME!

So, I take a coaching led approach. This means that there’s an equal focus on MINDSET as there is on exercise and how you’re fuelling your body. We’re all starting from a different place and coaching allows me to ensure that you’re getting exactly what YOU need.

personal training / fitness / performance coach coach Kate

Lvl 5 Performance Coach

I’m a qualified level 5 performance coach with NLP – endorsed under ABC Awards & Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme and professionally accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists

Personal Trainer

I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer with additional certificates in Torso training & Core Stability, Circuit Training and level 2 fitness instructing


Combining my qualifications means that you get a knowledgeable side kick who looks at the whole picture with you – I am committed to finding a solution that will work for each client

I ♡ what I do

Coaching is an amazing, transformative process that can help change your life. I love working with clients and supporting them to create lasting change and realise their potential