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It’s not always been easy for me to fit exercise into my busy day; juggling a good, progressive career and a busy social and personal life.  I give my all to everything so finding the time to get the balance right has been challenging!  However it is the positive effects of exercise on my mood and my body that give me energy and confidence!

It can be sooo hard to get motivated to put your trainers on and I’ve found that it is easier when there is someone there to support and encourage you and get you up and moving.  Someone who knows what it’s like when you’re trying to fit everything in and someone who can tailor sessions to meet your needs and make it fun, appealing and accessible.

I’m passionate about helping others to take steps to get the balance right and find their inner confidence because, like it or not, exercise, fresh air and good nutrition are key to giving us more energy to do the things we want to do, fit into the clothes that we want to wear and give us the tools we need to feel great about ourselves.

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Weekday Online Vitality Workouts

Working from home? Not able to get out? Join one of Active Vitality’s online workouts – tailored to suit your ability

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Weekend Vitality Workout

A fantastic addition to your weekend – get fit outdoors with other people for a fun and challenging workout

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Active Vitality Monthly Pass

1-month class pass for £20
6 classes for the price of 4 when you sign up to 3 months of classes!