“I met Kate during our NCT Antenatal Course. During introductions, she said she was a personal trainer and I made a mental note that I have to contact her after my baby is born! As time passed, and our babies born, we became friends. Few months into settling in with our newborns, Kate started boot camp sessions with us. I am a very lazy person who wants results without actions! Kate spotted this right away and saw my excuses. She is exactly a person like me needs – a person who would know when I am making excuses and took me out of my ‘comfort lazy zone’ and gave me the push I needed. To me, this is the most important part of getting ‘back in shape’. If it wasn’t for her, I would still be making excuses and not acheive the results I have so far. Kate continued coaching me while I went away from Chepstow for 4 months. She coached me through Skype and text me regularly to ensure I was keeping up with my exercises. I managed to get back into my pre-pregnancy size clothes just in time for when I went back to work. Enjoyed making re-appearance back at work with sense of pride that I am a new mother back in my skinny jeans! Loved getting comments from my colleagues on how I looked and this set me back into my olds elf to jet off on my career right where I left off. Would have never acheive all this without Kate. I have lost my baby weight and gained an amazing friend!”

Thank you, Kyay-zu tin-ba-deh,

Regards, Thant

“I started working out with Active Vitality after my boyfriend proposed to me and I needed to lose the baby weight ready for the big day. The results were amazing! Straight away I had more energy and felt great which helped me in my hectic life raising our baby daughter and organising a wedding.

Kate never let my motivation slip and she was always on hand to give me that extra bit of encouragement. I was able to work out with Kate or on my own as each exercise is explained to you so well you know exactly what to do. It was great fun and I loved watching the weight fall off and the muscles tone up.

Thanks to Kate I got into my wedding dress and it looked and felt beautiful!”


“I love the Active Vitality workouts, I usually arrive feeling strung out and tired and always leave feeling full of energy and like it’s a fresh start to my week.

The sessions are friendly and sociable but they push you and I definitely feel fitter and more toned. The instructor works to your ability and knows how to motivate the group. It’s great, thank you!”


I went to Kate after having my first baby and she was brilliant. It was fantastic to do some proper exercise again, alongside an instructor who knew from her own experience exactly what I needed to get back into shape. Hard work but great fun.Definetely not a walk in the park, Kate’s bootcamp sessions are hard work, but great fun and get results. Brilliant! 

Kate is a great instructor. She pushes you when you might otherwise start slacking and gets great results with added humour for free!